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Nike Dunk High classic light again dazzling new color, with orange suede toe material color, followed by yellow suede heel decorative silver woven nylon material, lace holes and Swoosh collocation dark grey leather trim, white bottom still aboard orange rubber outsole. The new product is expected to be on sale soon, so please enjoy the attention of our favorite friends. Nike, the famous sporting goods producer, has recently announced its " Future Sole", while Jordan Jordan 1, the Air Brand, has been launched in particular. The Air & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] December 14 organized by the Adidas outdoor climbing slacklining experience activities successfully held in Beijing Baihe canyon. During the event, the adidas signing players Chen Hui were climbing and slacklining demonstration, and personal guidance and teaching according to different levels of outdoor enthusiasts. at the start of the first rock climbing, outdoor enthusiasts have listened carefully to the explanations athlete Chen Hui, careful observation of his exemplary action. Most people are climbing on the first try, but also did not timid, struggling to climb, rock climbing experience fun. Everyone seems to have mastery Chen Hui theoretical skills into actual climb, one faces are filled with a satisfied smile. Moreover, the rock scene of the Friends also carried out after practice experience exchange, not only improves the climbing tec cheap air jordans hniques, and enhanced feelings between us. followed by that slacklining activity, all the more fun. Since slacklining in outdoor sports is not very high penetration rate, many experienced outdoor enthusiasts is the first contact, it is everyone's curiosity are strong, all have onlookers athlete Chen Hui demonstrations. Chen Hui met in one meter of flat Rulvpingdi bring everyone envious, each are eager, but the first attempt is not be their way. But after Chen Hui taught school, many of the initial contact with slacklining sports outdoor enthusiasts can not only bring walked in the wider primary flat, but also to bring one meter flat walk, has really made rapid progress ah! Adidas outdoor "stay away" Shirakawa Camp Although already successfully concluded, but from which we can see is that this event has not only become a gathering place for outdoor enthusiasts, it is all outdoor communication platform, in practice and exchange, not only everyone's outdoor open horizons, but also enrich our knowledge of the outdoors. Let us look forward to the next "stay away"! stay away, do you dare (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network & nbsp;.) ?! spring and summer is undoubtedly the vibrant green power, New Balance's shoes in many models to praise 1500 axis, not unexpectedly take the White / green theme concept to cater to the season, see doub cheap air jordans online le material high quality leather and breathable mesh to both aesthetic and practical on the other high-profile, but also once again become the light to convey the theme, all the extraordinary detail configuration will be one of the shoes of this pair of shoes is visible in the summer the most worthy start, let us enjoy the charm of the picture through the following list of figures. purchase: Boston Club [page] subtitle #e# Converse Star Player 75 high barrel gray designer version, exposure rich color Adidas Originals 2011 spring summer Hardland in mid April published a glance comments on last article: Converse Star Player 75 high cylinder gray designer version exposure next article: rich color Adidas Originals 2011 spring summer Hardland in mid April published a glance sports brand Adidas's skateboard extension Adidas Skateboarding, recently for one of the signs of Busentiz ADV shoes, released a new Stone Blue color. On the low profile cylinder classic, the blue suede shoes of high quality material constitute the main body, the eyelet and shoes at the neck into the leather and mesh fabric, three side bar with black low-key embellishment, and equipped with full of comfortable grip white bottom show. #UNDERCOVER Nike# UNDERCOVER x Nike GYAKUSOU 2013 winter and winter sports shoes series Nike Air Max 90 Premium Pale Grey/Laser Orange color matching comments on last article: #UNDERCOVER Nike# UNDERCOVER x Nike GYAKUSOU 2013 winter spo jordans for sale rts shoes series next: Nike Air Max 90 Premium Pale Grey/Laser Orange color matchingCame to the Blazer classic Dunk Low SB high 〉 overwhelmed Nike and famous tide brand CNCPTS cooperation. Reportedly, overwhelmed by the source of inspiration for the design is common in the church stained glass, and will be the very vividly reflected on the upper, and traditional black fabric lining and Swoosh modification; in addition, followed by more used around the transparent material, highlight the theme of the stained glass. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: IMAGENYLillard back injury, a pioneer in the Clippers away; Westbrook scored two pairs, but the thunder eventually led to the failure of taste results, 6 points but lost to the Hawks; Gasol scored 18 points to help the Bulls beat the Spurs in the home court, harden 29 points, but the Rockets failed to reverse the helpless, Miami home court against Celtic. Wade 30 Nandi green army offensive, eventually losing to the Celtics 95-105. de Ramon Degeling - Nike LeBron Soldier 9 PE Marcus Nike Zoom Huarache Thornton - 2k4 Andre Drummond - Jordan Dub Zero Nike Kyrie - Reggie Jackson 1 Dwyne Wade - Lining Wade of 4Ton jordan shoes online sale i Parke - PEAK PARK 3 Kevin Durant - Nike KD8 Leonard - Air Jordan 29 PE Under Armour Curry 1 Rudy Gay - Nike Hyperdunk 2015 - Nike Kyrie 1 mclemore;US SUPREME legendary street brand with NIKE brand launched jointly with the introduction of 2014 spring quarter Foamposite 1 joint series of basketball shoes and suits. This collaboration of shoes launched in 1997 classic shoes Air Foamposite 1, this time using the Supreme famous shoes floral patterns, respectively, red and black models. Also launched a series of vest and shorts, it is one of the streets of a single product summer essential. By more than a single product can be purchased on April 3 in New York, Los Angeles, London and Japan SUPREME stores and online shops, to friends once interested, do not miss yo!In order to celebrate the birth of Question series 20th anniversary, Reebok this year launched a number of new design models, and the color is more and more amazing, especially the Only The Strong Survive. This section from the Iverson life creed, use of a fabric shoe body, at the same time the blessing of Kevlar polyester fiber technology, and with a stunning bright pink through the vamp, finally carrying signs of cellular air ending, and diamonds and Bulldog details is the punchline. Reebok-Question-Only-the-Strong-Survive-1.jpg (457.58 KB, download number: 0) download The survival of ! Reebok Question Mid Only The Strong Survive 2016-6-23 08:03 upload Reebok-Question-On Cheap foamposites for sale ly-the-Strong-Survive-2.jpg (509.54 KB, download number: 0) download The survival of ! Reebok Question Mid Only The Strong Survive 2016-6-23 08:03 upload Reebok-Question-Only-the-Strong-Survive-3.jpg (427.3 KB, download number: 0) download The survival of ! Reebok Question Mid Only The Strong Survive 2016-6-23 08:03 upload Reebok-Question-Only-the-Strong-Survive.jpg (430.51 KB, download number: 0) download The survival of ! Reebok Question Mid Only The Strong Survive 2016-6-23 08:03 upload Reebok-Question-Only-the-Strong-Survive-4.jpg (470.42 KB, download number: 0) download - 0 according to statistics, at present, China's shoe-making annual output of 13 billion pairs of shoes, accounting for six or seven of the world's total output, of which nearly 10 billion pairs of exports. And Guangdong, Dongguan is the world's famous shoe foundry base, there have been "every 10 pairs of shoes in the world, there are 1 pairs from Dongguan" argument. Asia Footwear Association statistics show that in 2010, Dongguan shoe prices more than 1600, an annual output value of 63 billion yuan. But now, the footwear industry in Dongguan is experiencing a severe market test, and even there are rumors that shoe prices have collapsed here. Is this really true? Come and follow our reporters to Dongguan to see the latest living conditions of shoe enterprises. an interview with reporters in Dongguan, just across a shoe has just announced the completion of cheap foamposites for sale shutting down, called Zhangyu industrial foundry enterprises have a staff of two thousand people, now only a few dozen people doing some final cleanup. Shutting down shoes factory staff said, that is, cleaning, cleaning work, this is closed down, not closed down, why shut down that? Because the boss does not want to do the industry, the line. No money. workers and security guards told reporters that the recent foundry shoe life is bad, and forced to shut down the foundry shoe factory is not a family. Industry sources, Dongguan large enterprises such as footwear, footwear, Angus feilida shoes and other transport companies have closed or relocated, max shoes, shoes, shoes Huifeng Yongsheng and many other shoe companies are narrowing the scale of production, in order to cope with the shortage of orders and rising cost pressures. However, the reporter from the study of the Pearl River Delta processing industry experts know that most shoe prices in Dongguan are not closed down, most enterprises just closed down, not insolvent insolvency. , deputy director of the Zhongshan University of Hong Kong and Macao Pearl River Delta Research Center tutor Jiang Lin said the shoe more what I saw in Dongguan it is not called collapse is not called bankruptcy, it is closed, or semi open semi shutdown state. There are thirty percent to forty shoe factories, which are called "broken edge", have not applied for a legal procedure, strictly speaking, in the state of production and semi production. In addition, the closure of the foundry shoe manufacturers, most of the poor strength of small shoe factory. Some large shoes enterprises orders stable, operating in good condition. Zhang Huarong, chairman of the Huajian group, Asia Footwear Association said that when the financial crisis or the economy is not good, the more the less, some belong to the normal, some belong to the factors of market factors increasing shut pour down the. orders are few; cost rises; a pair of shoes makes 20 cents I have a set of data from the Ministry of Commerce, the U.S. market on 1976 every 100 pairs of shoes, there are 53 pairs are produced in the United States, and the United States in 2006, only 1.5 pairs, most have to rely on the processing of other countries and regions. It can be said that this was the case& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Since early August, some dealers Reebok to play 5 discount off the price of 6, the part of the Shanghai auto discount rate reached 200 fold, which is to grab the goods before Nike launched ?????New action. some products below the distributor discounts & nbsp; an opening in Shanghai RT-Mart supermarket Reebok store salesperson said that now all the goods are not more than 500 yuan after the discount, such as a single coat and shoes lowest discount has been reduced to 2 fold. "The company basically does not leave a lot of inventory." & Nbsp; 2 discount off far beyond the Reebok National Agents - Yue Ba (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jump Pa Shanghai") give the dealer a minimum discount amount. Shanghai Yue Pa a sales staff revealed that more than 40 stores in Shanghai, according to the results divided into A, B, C class shops, the minimum discount of 6.1 fold. Such as the East Building, Pudong Yaohan are all ideal store sales, it is classified as A grade. Some other stores due to the different locations and business strategy, were designated as B or C grade. & Nbsp; Some dealers said that now the pressure is relatively large national distributor of Reebok, although Yue Shanghai contract signed with Reebok International Pa for 16 years, but once the drastic changes, it will take great risks. But dealers do Adidas products may be better. "All the stores of investment, staffing, etc. are dealers at their own expense, after Adidas acquired Reebok, we just changed it a boss." A dealer speculation. grab before Nike Clearance & nbsp; Reebok dealers competing Yun (Shanghai) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. (referred to as "King Movement" below) Sales Miss Zhang said that Reebok discount reason is that Nike to withstand a lot of clearance in September. "If the three brands put them together, then Nike, Adidas and Reebok in Shanghai's market share was 5: 3: 2 Adidas whether the discounts, not big threat to us, Nike once clearance, we The situation is very delicate. "Reviewed people competing transport also said Reebok products in point deficit does not matter, you can use the profits to make other products. NBA products are fancy & nbsp; Professor Xu Huizhong Fudan University School of Management, said that if Adidas, Reebok completed the acquisition is likely to transform distributors and dealers, which is a golden rule. & Nbsp; In his view, Adidas and Reebok's market position and different, Adidas may be more aware of their brand appeal, while Reebok route in China is price. "After the two companies merge, Adidas, Reebok will change the product ideas and marketing strategies." & Nbsp; Interestingly, the new owner of Adidas and Reebok have reached a tacit understanding on the product strategy. "We have something for Reebok discount inconvenient to speak. However, in the NBA series Adidas will increase publicity efforts." Adidas Shanghai Branch Miss Zhu said, is the NBA's sponsors Reebok, and Reebok spokesperson Yao Ming. Adidas is more concerned about the NBA star, Yao Ming's teammates by the end of August, the future star Tracy McGrady Adidas Shanghai to drum up support. & Nbsp; "Before, we did not expect Reebok and Adidas marketing strategy will be the same." A dealer such exclaimed, before the jump Pa Shanghai as a distributor, Reebok's product line begin running shoes. And for a new agency, the Reebok on keeping up with the US market, the US market is certainly the most popular NBA product, Reebok adjustment in six months most of the product lines. & Nbsp;